Flying Filing Squad

We love filing (so you don't have to)

We are famous for
Implementing a transfer to Archives New Zealand of 99,500 files in 2730 hours over 15 weeks
Sorting 30,000 client files into alphabetical order and shelving them in a logical manner over a long weekend
Listing 27,500 files in 1400 hours over a nine week period
About the Squad

The Flying Filing Squad is a team of highly qualified and experienced records management experts who have been managing projects of all sizes and levels of complexity since 1991. We have a core team of people who run the day-to-day operation. In addition to this we can bring on skilled contractors, so that we give you the best team for your job – however big or small.

Helen Hancox
Top of the Pecking Order
Ashley Bryers
Squadron Leader
The Squad
Skilled Contractors