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Retention and disposal services

Yes it's true! You can save time and money now and have retention and disposal tools and guidelines in place to ensure you never get into a mess again. Here's what we do for you:

Develop your workplan

Our experienced consultants scope your current systems and write a workplan for you to follow.

Prepare your retention and disposal schedule

We research and discuss with the people who “know” the records to develop the schedule and report to go to Archives New Zealand.

List your files to Archives New Zealand standards

We conduct a listing project which significantly speeds up the implementation process.

Implement your schedule

We apply the schedules and general disposal authorities, check the disposal decisions, find the files and box them for destruction or transfer to Archives New Zealand.

Your workplan enables you to commission the work in chunks as funding becomes available, while maintaining momentum.

The Flying Filing Squad have been implementing retention and disposal projects for 20 years. We have a wealth of experience that informs our work with you. Our expertise and relationships ensure things go smoothly. Critical to all of this is your liaison with Archives New Zealand, as they encourage a planned approach and want to know when you will be ready to transfer.

Other recordkeeping services we offer

The Flying Filing Squad helps you develop a complete records management system so that you can create and maintain your records either physically or electronically.

  • Carry out a Records Management Health Check
  • Develop records management policies and procedures (including naming conventions and user guidelines)
  • Design a function-based records classification structure (RCS)
  • Run records management training sessions for all staff (inlcuding one-on-one coaching)
  • Carry out appraisal, prepare retention and disposal schedule and reports for Archives New Zealand

Services brochure

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9 cost cutting
  1. Know what’s in your boxes!
  2. List files to Archives NZ standards
  3. Apply schedules
  4. Know the file dates
  5. Assess percentage for destruction
  6. Assess percentage for transfer
  7. Assess cost savings
  8. Contact Archives NZ for transfer date
  9. Implement