Flying Filing Squad

We love filing (so you don't have to)

Current Squad Members

We're not just good at filing, we also employ a wide variety of people from the community.

Since the beginning, the Squad has employed committed casual contractors to get the work done. They have included musicians, artists, athletes, students, professionals, and parents who want work while their children are at school. We have one staff member who is doing her Masters of Philosophy and another has just completed his Computer Science degree. Others have discovered the pleasures of record-keeping and taken up formal study then moved into the government sector.

Current members of the Squad are:

  • Levana Droessaerts ~ Works part-time while her children are at school.
  • Luke Beatson ~ "Since 2008 I have worked with the Squad while completing my Bachelor of Computer Science. I have had to work a lot with databases and the attention to detail required by the Squad are the good practices that I need for computer programming."
  • Miranda Beatson
  • Tosca Wilson ~ Is in the high performance rowing squad based at Karapiro and works for the Squad in between training.
  • Poppaea Wilson ~ Preparing to head off to Italy on a Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship.
  • Tarapuhi Brown ~ Student at Victoria University in her final year.
  • Rosie Whinray ~ Has worked with the Squad off and on for the last ten years. Rosie is an artist, jewelry maker and photographer.
  • Vicky Webb ~ Vicky first worked for the Squad in 1997 and worked as the project manager for a major transfer for the Ministry of Commerce. Vicky runs her own business Two Short Dogs and takes on contracts to manage work for the Squad.