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I am particularly impressed by their thorough quality checking. It certainly makes my work easier.

Deirdre Wogan

I have always been impressed with the quality of their work and would recommend them.

Warren Jackson
What our customers say about us
Sarah Welland
Records Management and Archives Consultant

I first worked on a list prepared by the Flying Filing Squad in the late 1990's. A group of appraisers worked together on a large project. Before we could start we needed a list prepared to Archives New Zealand standards. The list was great and the project was completed on time with no complications.

In recent years I have completed other projects with the Flying Filing Squad. Their project management processes are well thought out and that lets me get on with what I am good at. I should also mention how blissful it is to have lists that are appropriately detailed, have a low error rate, and actually link to the items themselves. And where do I start when it comes to project management?! We are always kept informed, have a clear idea of our responsibilities and know that any issues will be dealt with quickly and appropriately as they arise.

Sean Ladd
Manager, Records and Documents
Immigration Service

It took 2,800 hours over 17 weeks in 2007 for the Flying Filing Squad to process 99,500 files for transfer to Archives New Zealand. I was particularly impressed with the 'can do' attitude of the Squad. They provided me with weekly reports detailing all issues that I needed to deal with. There was spreadsheet keeping track of the hours worked compared with the budget that was approved.

The Squad did everything needed for a efficient and effective project, from organising the rental and delivery of the equipment needed to managing a team of six workers to both do the work and quality assure it too. The Archives NZ 5% check went without a hitch and it is one less task that I have on my list to do.

Roger Fowkes
Competent Consultancy

I first worked with the Flying Filing Squad in 2003 when I was the Information Services Manager for the State Services Commission with responsibility for Records Management, Information Management, IT and Web publishing. They initially listed HR and Finance records (using their Squad of skilled data entry staff) and then Deirdre Wogan appraised the Alpha-numeric Records Series. During 2004, the Squad were contracted to implement the appraisal report which had by then had a smooth passage through the approval process at Archives NZ. The implementation started in June 2004 and was completed by April 2005.

I liked the Flying Filing Squad's approach to their work. They just got on with it, reporting weekly on the hours worked, budget aspects and issues that needed covering. This is the sort of skill that we did not need to have in-house as these sorts of projects are usually one-off and permanent records staff are always fully occupied with operational issues.

Deirdre Wogan
Records Management and Archives Consultant

I began my Consultancy in 1994. In the mid 1990's I appraised the New Zealand Electricity Department records held by Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) NZ using lists prepared by the Flying Filing Squad. The lists met Archives New Zealand standards and this made the project easier to do.

Since that time I have worked on a number of projects with the Flying Filing Squad and I find that their processes for listing and implementation of retention and disposal schedules to be excellent. I am particularly impressed by their thorough quality checking. It certainly makes my work easier.

Warren Jackson
Regional Administration Manager
Transit New Zealand

27,000 files held in 1500 boxes stored offsite at Archives New Zealand with no electronic listing of details was quite a large challenge as ECNZ had split into three new companies, Meridian Energy, Genesis Power and Contact Energy. The time frame for completing the work was very short and files had to go to the new companies, be transferred to Archives New Zealand or be destroyed. This was the challenge given to me in 1994 as Administration Manager with ECNZ in Head Office, Wellington. The Squad swooped in, organised the transcription of the hard copy lists into an excel spreadsheet. To cut a long story short, the disposal of the files to the correct place went very smoothly.

Since working with Transit New Zealand I have used the Flying Filing Squad to do listings (they love a good basement) of files so that they could be appraised. Once appraisal reports were approved by the Chief Archivist, the Squad implemented them. I have always been impressed with the quality of their work and would recommend them.